American Quarter Horse Betting at Online Betting Portals

When people think about horse racing and placing bets on them, they often assume this only applies to the thoroughbreds. When in fact, there are many online betting portals that offer you the excitement of betting on the American Quarter Horse races.

Sometimes, this breed of horse is referred to as the sprinter because of its ability to sprint short distances. The breed actually developed out of the thoroughbred line as they were bred with other types. Eventually, the offspring became known as the Quarter Horse or the famous American Quarter Running Horse. Over time, this breed was introduced to the horse racing world and eventually, it went on par with the betting and gambling that takes place with thoroughbred racing.

There is a continuous stream of American Quarter Horse racing and the following are just a few of many that have recently run.

James Issac Hobbs Stake

The latest race to run in this stake was September 2017 and the winner was Once Over which is a very impressive 8-year-old gelding. This was a $50,000 purse and the jockey who brought this quarterhorse to the finish line was Raul Herrera.

Alberta Bred Futurity

The quarterhorse hailed as the winner in this exciting Futurity was Bringonthewave. This race was run in September 2017 and this impressive horse is the son of the 2006 Quarterhorse World Champion who was Wave Carver.

These are just some of the examples of the many quarterhorse races that run each year. Going online to some of the sports betting portals will give you a chance to bet on many of these races, and you may also get the chance to see them race through live streaming.

Quarterhorse racing and online betting on these horse racing events are as much fun as the thoroughbred races are and they can be just as lucrative financially.