Breeding the American Quarter Horse

There are a lot of different reasons why people want to take on the ownership of an American Quarter Horse. Some want it as a pet horse, while others want to be able to train this amazing breed of horse for the various events that it is capable of performing in. Then, there are others who want to get into the breeding of the American Quarter Horse as it is their hobby.

If this is your intention then there are a few things you have to consider. First, you are going to need to maintain stock for this. You have a couple of choices.

You can have just the stallion and rent out his services to owners who have mares that they want to be bred. If you go this route then in most cases, you will want the mare to be brought to your establishment. This way, the mare, provided she is ready to breed, can spend a few days with the stud. You don’t want to take your stud to the mares as this could mean a lot of traveling for the horse and he would be out of your care and tired.

The other option for American Quarter Horse breeding is to have both the stud and the mare. This can be a lucrative business but it means really doing your homework and studying the bloodlines carefully of both these genders. Your goal is to create a bloodline in the offspring that comes from the genes of highly recognised stock. This can be interesting and breeders are always full of anticipation to see what the foal will be like. If the foal picks up the good traits of either the stud or the mare, you have a real winner on your hands and these babies can sell for an impressive price.

Breeders of the American Quarter Horse have the same obligation to follow sound breeding practices like those that are implemented in the breeding of other animals.