Characteristics of the Quarter Horse

For those who are not around horses very much, it can be difficult to determine one breed from the other. One that is not hard to determine once their characteristics are known is the American Quarter Horse.

The Quarter Horse Physique

One of the physical characteristics that will stand out the most about the American Quarter Horse is their thick neck. This is aptly supported with a deep chest that automatically depicts strength. Although the head of this breed is considered small, it always seems to be balanced with the muscular form of the body. This horse has wide kind eyes and the way the ears are always pointed upwards, it seems like the horse is always on alert mode.

In height, the Quarter Horse will range between14.3 hands to 16 and many believe that even though the legs of the horse are muscular, the feet appear to be small. Yet, there is nothing about the physique of this horse that appears unbalanced.


It is very common to see the American Quarter Horse in a sorrel or chestnut colour and sometimes they will possess unique white markings near the face area.

When it comes to temperament, the American Quarter Horse is considered to be kind for the most part and easy to get along with. That doesn’t mean to say that they don’t have a spirit. The stallions can be a handful even in their older years. Once they have become gelded though, they settle down nicely. The mares make good mothers and overall for those who are looking for a trustworthy family horse, the American Quarter Horse would be an excellent choice.

They are a hard-working breed and have excellent stamina. They are not known for being able to handle long distance racing, but when it comes to the quarter-mile sprints, they can seldom be beaten.