Different Kinds of American Quarter Horse Races

One of the most outstanding abilities of the American Quarter Horse is their ability to sprint in a quarter mile race. In fact, their performance in this type of race is so outstanding that this is how they got their name.

There are many different categories of American Quarter Horse races and here are a few of the most common and favourite ones:

Maiden Race

A maiden race allows any American Quarter Horse to enter no matter what their sex to enter, provided they have never won a race in the past.

Claiming Race

This is an important race for those who may be interested in selling a horse and for those who may want to buy one. All of the horses that are in this race are up for sale.

Handicap Races

In this race, each horse is designated a specific weight they can carry. This is based on the horse’s specific ability. The weight is considered to be a handicap and it is based on the history of the horse’s previous wins.

Stakes Races

These are often favourite races of those who like to bet on a horse race. This is because it’s a high-stakes race which means the wallets are fatter too.

Furturity Race

The American Quarter Horses that enter into these types of races have to be two-year-olds at the least.


This race is reserved for the three-year-old American Quarter Horses. As you can see, by the selection of races, there is something for everyone that wants to enter the race circuit as far as the American Quarter Horse is concerned. Plus, there are often many events within each of these categories that can be entered into throughout the year.

The racing industry for the American Quarter Horse is an exciting one and is one that continues to grow.