Looking Back at The Quarter Horse

Out of all the horse breeds that exist, the American Quarter Horse has to be one of the most impressive. One of its many attributes is its ability to be able to sprint a quarter of a mile with amazing speed. This ability is actually what earned this breed its name.

Its roots go back to where the English thoroughbred was bred with other horse breeds from Spain. The offspring soon became recognised as the American Quarter Horse. The speeds that have been clocked for the American Quarter Horse have reached up to 55 MPH. Flat races among the colonists was a favourite sport and this breed of horse fits right into this atmosphere.

With speeds like this, it was only normal that this horse was considered for racing. Beyond this though, the characteristics of the breed are somewhat stocky as soon as they display their agility. As time passed and the breeding of these horses continued within the Spanish stock of horses and eventually the Western breeds, they were soon discovered for their strength and stability. What was discovered is that they were, by nature, excellent cow herders which is exactly what the West needed during this time.

The cowboys who were responsible for herding and wrangling cattle had to develop some very distinct skills of their own that would work in harmony with the Quarter Horse, and as a result of this, competition between them began to develop. As time evolved, these competitions turned into a form of sport that still exists today and is the most popular event on the circuit.

One can now attend a rodeo event and see firsthand all of the talents and skills that the Quarter Horse possess as they put on a show with many different types of events that include everything from calf roping to barrel racing.