Taking Care of the American Quarter Horse

If you are going to become an American Quarter Horse owner then you have the responsibility of caring for this horse just as you would for any other animal. There is more than just feeding and sheltering this majestic horse breed, like turning it out to pasture if you want to get the most from what this horse has to offer.

Chances are if you are an American Quarter Horse owner, you are going to want to participate in some of the many events that this beautiful horse is capable of performing in. Or it may be that you just want to keep the horse as a pet horse. In any event, there are some things that you must take care of to keep this animal happy and healthy.


The quarter horse is relatively easy to feed as they will thrive on good quality hay with some additional supplements that you can get from feeding a small amount of grain. Turning them out to a lush pasture will provide a good amount of food for them. Be cautious about overfeeding as this particular breed tends to put on weight easily.


Housing the American quarter horse will depend on the environment in which it is living in. If the weather is warm all year then the horse can remain out to pasture as long as there is a lean-to for shelter against the heat and rain. For those who are dealing with winter months, housing the horse in a barn in a stall is more appropriate.


Your American Quarter Horse needs exercise. Most likely, the horse will do some exercise by running around when out in the pasture. It doesn’t hurt to do some planned exercises with the Quarter Horse where riding the horse creates a combination of exercise and pleasure for both the rider and the horse. If the horse is not broke then lunging can be used as a form of exercise too.