The American Quarter Horse Association and Youth

The American Quarter Horse Association is an organisation that is totally dedicated to the American Quarter Horse. It is an entity that anyone is into quarter horses truly wants to belong to. This is an amazing group that has done an impressive job of bringing those who were involved with the Quarter Horses together from different parts of the world. They have accomplished this through education, news, and events.

One of the many roles the AQHA has taken on is to encourage and support the youth who want to be involved with the American Quarter Horse. They do this by offering an excellent roster of programs like:

  • Young Horse Development
  • Youth Racing Experience
  • Horseback Riding Program

These programs cover a wide range of activities for the young horse enthusiasts. For those youth who have a competitive spirit about them and an American Quarter Horse to ride, there are plenty of competitions to meet both the horses and the riders such as:

The AQHA intends to nurture the youth who are enthusiastic about the American Quarter Horse throughout their young lives into adulthood. They do this by offering leadership programs such as:

  • Reach Out
  • Inspire
  • Excite
  • Reach Out to Impact
  • Youth Excellence seminars

With an organisation as prestigious and as impressive as the AQHA, you can imagine the importance they place on education and like their many other offerings, they have a full roster for their educational involvement that includes:

  • Scholarships
  • Junior Masters Program
  • Take Me Riding
  • Horse Judging
  • America’s Horse Magazine

The American Quarter Horse Association strongly recognises that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow for the American Quarter Horse industry. This organisation is family orientated and has made every effort to include many things within the organisation that is applicable to each member of the family.