What the Quarter Horse is Used for

Those who are only slightly familiar with the American Quarter Horse, they usually assume that they are pretty basic in what they are able to do. Yet, when they learn more about this breed, it is soon evident that there are many things that they are capable of and much that they excel at.

Trail Riding

With the horse’s roots going back to the Wild West days, they are well known for their performance as trail riders. Their kind nature shines out as they have no problem taking their riders through many different trails for very long periods of time.


When it comes to dressage, not many would think that the Quarter Horse could do well in this type of event. Yet, they are very good at lower level dressage and some trainers have been able to take some of these horses to the next level.


Although the general characteristics of the American Quarter Horse are that they are big and stocky, their agility is amazing and they are one of the few horse breeds that can be counted on for a good hunt.

Barrel Racing

It’s the quarter mile speed that sets the American Quarter Horse up for success in barrel racing. It is almost unbelievable to see them making those sharp cuts around the barrels in record time without missing a step.


There is no doubt that one of the most exciting events to watch the American Quarter Horse in is the different categories at a rodeo event. One of the favourites is calf roping.

These are just a selection of some of the best activities that the American Quarter Horse is known for, but perhaps one of the most exciting is the Quarter Horse Races where they are most adept at sprinting the quarter-mile track. Their excellence in this is what has earned them their name.

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